Season 2016−2017

Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra’s season 2016−2017 brings great composers' seldom performed pieces next to the loved orchestral classics. There is some rare solo instruments like trumpet, marimba, bassoon and organ. In autumn orchestra will play also in churches: two concerts in Tampere Cathedral, once in Ylöjärvi and once in Lapua. Alongside the strong and grave church music there is a wide range of pictures and atmospheres from French folktale inspired Ravel and Mediterranean Elgar to One Thousand and One Nights based Rimski-Korsakov and contemporary South American composer Jimmy López.

“My job is to cherish the tradition of basic repertoire. I’ve picked some of my own favourites as well as the all-time favourites, but it is also good to take these rarely played works from great composers like Wagner’s only symphony in to the program” chief conductor Santtu-Matias Rouvali comments the season.

Autumn 2016

In the beginning of the season the orchestra will get a new concert master, young violinist Pekko Pulakka.