Welcome to apply to our orchestra!

Open Vacancies in Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra:

Principal French Horn
Application time: March 2nd ─ May 10th 2017

PLEASE NOTE the following

  • Our auditions are open to all nationalities.
  • Please do not send us a tape. The candidates are invited personally to the audition by e-mail after the application time.
  • Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra will not provide any compensation for travel or accommodation expenses.
  • Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra will provide a pianist for the auditions.
  • Our orchestra tunes to a1 = 442 Hz.
  • Please look for more information about the orchestra and its season schedule on our website. Other useful sources of information are the websites of Tampere Hall (where the orchestra rehearses and performs) and the city of Tampere.