Pre-concert talks

Our audience have the opportunity of having a very unique experience at our Pre-concert talks, where the public can get to know the guests and hear from them about the songs, getting to know the context and meanings of the music that will be performed soon and giving an intimate moment that allows them to dive into a deeper concert experience.

The Pre-concert talks events are offered in connection with our symphony concerts listed in the Season pass. Interviewees at the events can be the conductor of the concert, the soloist or even both. Sometimes there are also musicians from the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra.

The meetings for the Pre-concert talk usually starts at 6 pm and they last about half an hour. The event is free to enter and are held in the Tampere Hall. At every concert our public can also get a hand programme to familiarize with all the information about the music, guests and artists that will perform the concert on that night before the event starts.

Check the upcoming Pre-concert talk events for the Autumn 2023 Season:

Fri 24/11 – An Evening of Miracles
Fri 15/12 – Independence Day Concert

Check the Pre-concert talk events for the Spring 2024 Season:

Fri 19/01
Fri 26/01
Fri 02/02
Fri 16/02
Fri 05/04
Fri 12/04
Fri 19/04
Fri 26/04
Fri 17/05
Thu 23/05