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Tickets to Tampere Filharmonia concerts are sold at the Tampere Hall ticket office, Kulttuurimyymälä Aplodi (Aplodi Cultural Shop) and Lippupiste, as well as in the Lippupiste online store. Please, see more information about the Lippupiste service fees here. More information about our sales outlets is available on the Ticket Office and Sales page.


Single Ticket Sales

Single ticket sales for the concerts not included in the Season Pass concert series and the concerts of the Afternoon of Fauns Chamber Music series will start with a limited number of seats on Tue June 1st at 9 am. The aim is to increase the number of seats for sale in concerts within the limits of the coronavirus restrictions in August.

The sale of single tickets and the sale of Quartet series tickets for the autumn 2021 Season Pass concert series will begin on Monday, August 16th at 9 am.

Season Pass sales

The Season Pass sale for the Tampere Philharmonic concerts for autumn 2021 have ended. Due to the covid restrictions only a limited number of seats were available for sale for the concerts in the Tampere Hall Main Auditorium. Season Pass sale for spring 2022 concerts will begin in November.



The Autumn Season 2021 of the orchestra can be switched to alternative, shorter concert programs and the audience divided in two different concerts if there will still be coronavirus restrictions concerning audiences.

If in the fall of 2021 Season Pass concerts can be arranged without restrictions

  • Concerts are played at 7 p.m., and usually have an intermission.
  • The whole audience is allowed into the same concert.
  • In concerts, the announced longer concert program (listed) will be performed.

If in the fall of 2021 audience restrictions still apply

  • The orchestra will switch into a two-concert model, concerts at 6 p.m. and 8 p.m. in the Season Pass concert series
  • The audience will be divided into two concerts and the seats in concerts will be unnumbered.
  • The customer will come to the concert at an alternative time, which is printed on the ticket.
  • Concerts last about one hour and they have no intermission.

Those who have purchased a Season Pass for the entire season 2021-22 will, as a rule, be directed to a concert starting at 8 pm, and those who have purchased a half-year Season Pass will be directed to a concert starting at 6 pm.

Those who have bought a single ticket on the left side of the Main Auditorium, will automatically be directed to a concert starting at 6 pm, and those who have bought the ticket on the right side, will be directed to a concert starting at 8 pm. Please, see the alternative concert starting time on your ticket.

Alternative starting times and Concert Programs may be introduced, if in August there are still coronavirus restrictions for the audiences. This will be announced in more detail in early August.

Checklist for buying a ticket

  • Check your original concert start time (in the concert ticket) – a numbered place in the hall, longer concert program with intermission
  • Check your alternative concert start time (printed in the concert ticket, depends on the place in the hall) – unnumbered seats in venues, shorter concert program with no intermission

Checklist before arriving in the concert

  • Check up-to-date information on the start time and program of the evening’s concert on the orchestra’s website or on social media channels.



More information on Ticket Prices page.



Tickets to concerts of Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra are officially sold only by the Tampere Hall ticket sales, Kulttuurimyymälä Aplodi and Lippupiste. Tampere Filharmonia and official ticket sales partners are not responsible for the correctness of tickets purchased through other channels, nor are they subject to return or exchange rights. We advise our customers to purchase tickets only through the official ticket sales channels.



Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra reserves the right to change the program and time of concerts. Ticket buyers will be notified of the changes in person. In addition, the orchestra informs about changes in its official channels.



If the concert is canceled, please contact the Tampere Hall ticket sales for a possible refund or to change the ticket to another concert.



If you have respiratory symptoms or get sick on the day of the concert, please, avoid coming to the concert. You can exchange your tickets for another Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra concert without a ticket exchange service fee by contacting Tampere Hall Ticket Sales by e-mail lipputoimisto@tampere-talo.fi.

The following information is required for the exchange:

  • In whose name the ticket was obtained
  • Which concert is in question, as well as the seat line and seat number
  • Contact information: who we will contact about the ticket exchange to another concert
  • To which concert you wish to change the ticket, if it is already known
  • An exchange for a gift card is also possible