Tickets to Tampere Filharmonia concerts are sold at the Tampere Hall ticket office, Kulttuurimyymälä Aplodi (Aplodi Cultural Shop) and outlets, as well as at the online store. Please, see more information about the service fees here.

Ticket Prices

More information on Ticket Prices page.

Official Purchase Channels

Tickets to concerts of Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra are officially sold only by the Tampere Hall ticket sales, Kulttuurimyymälä Aplodi and Tampere Filharmonia and official ticket sales partners are not responsible for the correctness of tickets purchased through other channels, nor are they subject to return or exchange rights. We advise our customers to purchase tickets only through the official ticket sales channels.

Changes in Concert Programmes

Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra reserves the right to change the programme and time of concerts. Ticket buyers will be notified of the changes in person. In addition, the orchestra informs about changes in its official channels.


If the concert is cancelled, please contact the Tampere Hall ticket sales for a possible refund or to change the ticket to another concert.

If You Are Not Well on the Concert Day

If you have respiratory symptoms or get sick on the day of the concert, please, avoid coming to the concert. You can exchange your tickets for another Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra concert without a ticket exchange service fee by contacting Tampere Hall Ticket Sales by e-mail

The following information is required for the exchange:

  • In whose name the ticket was obtained
  • Which concert is in question, as well as the seat line and seat number
  • Contact information: who we will contact about the ticket exchange to another concert
  • To which concert you wish to change the ticket, if it is already known
  • An exchange for a gift card is also possible