Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra invites applications for the positions of


for the period 15 Aug – 16 Dec 2022 or by agreement

Audition on Thursday 4 August 2022 at 10 am (Finnish summer time UTC+3) at Tampere Hall. Invitations to the audition and a link to the orchestral material will be sent to approved applicants on 20 July 2022.

Applications only through this online form during the application period latest on 19 July 2022. (The application deadline is 11.59 p.m. Finnish summer time UTC+3).

Required audition repertoire

Mozart’s Violin Concerto, introductory period + cadence
The first movement of one of the following concerts: Beethoven, Brahms, Tchaikovsky, Sibelius or Nielsen.
(The applicant will indicate the chosen concertos on the application form).

Solos in orchestral material
Strauss: Also spracht Zarathustra: 3 b. after 27 – 6 b. before 29, 30 – 2b. after 32
Strauss: Heldenleben: 22-32
Brahms: Symphony No.1: II mov: b. 90-128

Mozart: Symphony No.39: IV mov: b. 1-78
Beethoven: Symphony No. 9: III mov: b. 99-114

The orchestra will provide a pianist to the audition.

Further information: Aino Holma, Deputy General Manager (temp.), (available only by email before 28 June at 4 p.m.).

Coming auditions in Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra: Open for applications in autumn 2022


Permanent position, work begins on 9. January or as agreed.

Application period from 4 August to 26 September 2022. Detailed information can be found on this website when the application period begins.

The audition is performed in two stages.

1. Video audition based on videos uploaded in YouTube and a link submitted with the application form by 26 September 2022 at 11:59 PM (Finnish Summer time UTC+3). Invitation to the audition on 29 November 2022 and a link to the orchestral material will be sent to those selected from the video audition on 12 October 2022 at the latest.

2. Audition on Tuesday 29 November 2022 at 10 am (Finnish Winter time UTC+2) at Tampere Hall. The audition will be continued on Wednesday 30 November if necessary.

Applications are to be submitted only through the electronic form that opens here on 4 August 2022 at 4 PM (Finnish summer time UTC+3). NOTE: Please, don’t send any CV, video or other material through email.

Instructions for making a video for the video audition
Videos should be submitted via the electronic application form.


  1. Video audition
    1.) Prokofiev: Symphony nro 1 D major op. 25 “Classical”, 1st movement
    2.) Rimsky-Korsakov: Scheherazade: violin solos
  2. Audition 29 November


Mozart: 3., 4. or 5.: 1st movement + cadenza and 2nd movement without cadenza
1st movement of a romantic concerto of free choice.
(The applicant will indicate the chosen concertos on the application form).

Orchestral repertoire
Solo parts in orchestral material:
Bach: St Matthew Passion: No 39 Erbarme dich, full part
Strauss: Ein Heldenleben: solos reh. no. 22-32
Tsaikovsky: Swan Lake suite no 1: No 4 Scene: reh. no 26-32
Strauss: Vier letzte lieder: III part Beim Schlafengehen: reh. let. C-F
Brahms: Symphony 1, 2nd movement: reh. letter. E – to the end

Orchestral excerpts:
Mozart: The Marriage of Figaro, Overture: full part
Mahler: Symphony no 6: 3rd movement: reh. no 100 – to the end
Mahler: Symphony no 5: 1st movement: reh. no 7-11
Schumann: Symphony no 2: Scherzo: b. 1-90
Beethoven: Symphony no 9: 3rd movement: b. 99-114

Chamber music
Sibelius: String Quartet “Voces intimae” Op.56: 1st movement, fully and 3rd movement: from beginning – Piu Largo after reh. ro 2

The orchestra will provide a pianist to the audition.

Further information Aino Holma, Deputy General Manager (temp.),, mobile +358 50 388 7144. Available during the application time (from 4 August 2022).


Audition on Monday 14 Nov 2022 – detailed information will be published in early autumn.


Audition Wed 7 Dec 2022 – detailed information will be published in early autumn.

Previous Auditions Spring 2022


Application deadline 9 May 2022 at 11.59 pm (Finnish summer time UTC+3). Audition on Monday 30 May 2022. No-one was elected.


Application deadline 25 April 2022. Audition on Saturday 21 May 2022. Permanent position, work begins on 1 August 2022 or as agreed. Ivi Ots was elected to the post.


Application deadline 27 February 2022. Pre-selection video round on 1 March and audition on 25 April 2022. Permanent position, work begins on August 1st 2022 or as agreed. The vacancy is with obligation to play secondary instruments. Xiang Guo was elected to the post.

Please note the following

  • Our auditions are open to all nationalities.
  • Please do not send us a tape unless we ask for one. The candidates are invited personally to the audition by e-mail after the application time.
  • Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra will not provide any compensation for travel or accommodation expenses.
  • Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra will provide a pianist for the auditions.
  • Our orchestra tunes to a1 = 442 Hz.
  • Please look for more information about the orchestra and its season schedule on our website. Also a useful source of information is the website of Tampere Hall (where the orchestra rehearses and performs).
  • Instructions for video auditions

For further information about all auditions

please contact
Deputy General Manager (temp.) Aino Holma