Video Auditions

Recording the video

  • Record your performance in one take. The final video must not have any edits.
  • The video must be captured straight from the front of the Candidate and in horizontal format that displays the Candidate at all times. Maximum distance between candidate and the camera should be 8 m.
  • Capture your performance using the highest available sound quality.
  • The Tampere Philharmonic tunes to a1 = 442 Hz. Please use the same tuning.
  • Perform the audition pieces in the order presented in the audition announcement.
  • You can take short breaks between the audition pieces.

Submitting the video

  • Upload your complete performance video to YouTube.
  • Please include timestamps that mark the beginnings of each audition piece. (instructions here)
  • Include your name and the timestamp links in the video description.
  • Please make sure that the video is accessible via link without a password. Choose “Unlisted” as privacy setting!
  • Include the video link in the online application form.