Péter Fodor

Assistant principal timpani (absent)

Péter Fodor has studied percussion and timpani at the Royal College of Music in London, the Amsterdam Conservatory and the Maastricht Conservatory with teachers including Raymond Curfs, Nick Woud, William Lockhart, Neil Percy and Colin Currie. He has also studied Baroque drumming with Benedict Hoffnung and Nick Woud. Fodor has served as a percussionist for the Orchestra of the Finnish National Opera, the Arctic Philharmonic, the Schleswig-Holstein Festival Orchestra and the European Union Youth Orchestra.

Fodor has performed with the Antwerp Symphony Orchestra, the Amersham Festival Chamber Orchestra, as well as in most Finnish symphony orchestras, as the Finnish Radio Symphony Orchestra and Helsinki City Orchestra. Along with his orchestral work as assistant principal timpani in the Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra, he teaches at Tampere Music Academy and Tampere Orchestra Academy.

In Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra

Since 2014