Tiina Laukkanen

Principal timpani

Tiina Laukkanen began her studying drumming at Lahti Music Institute in 1979 under the leadership of Jorma Alante. After that, she continued as a private student at Timothy Ferchen, and after moved to the Tampere Conservatory as a student at Esko Vuorinen. She has also studied at the University of Toronto having Russell Hartenberger as a teacher and has taken several master courses.

She regularly assisted the Lahti Symphony Orchestra when she was 15 years old. In addition to this, Laukkanen has assisted in several other Finnish orchestras, played in theaters in Lahti and Tampere, as well as in the band In Time. She also taught at the Tampere Conservatory and was elected to the Tampere Philharmonic’s Performer in 1986, where also has been in charge of the principal timpani’s duties on a permanent basis since 1992.